Business Space Renting

Belmax Center offers to its wholesale tenants business space units from 40 m2 up to 250 m2. A part of the space is adjusted to be a showroom and one part to be a stock.
If the technical conditions allow, it is possible to make larger units from the smaller ones.
Renting fee is charged monthly.

Also, monthly obligation includes minimal management fee.
Management fee consists of:
– 24 hours security and surveillance service
– Electricity, telephone, water, sewage and heating system and greenery maintenance
– road and parking lots cleaning
– public toilets cleaning and maintenance.

Heating fee is charged only in the heating season calculated per square meter of the heated area (showroom).
Other expenses consist of: electricity and water supply expenses, calculated by the consumption shown on the electricity and water supply meter, telephone expense is calculated according to the listing of calls and internet is paid according to the service package the customer choose.

Tenants are required to pay the 2-month deposit.